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Golden Gaits Kokopelli*        AFTHBA, SE-
Color: Chestnut
Sex: Stallion
Date of Birth: 14-06/2006
Gait: Fox Trot

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    Charming's Royal Duke* ABC 240(f)
   Kreskin* ICHO 26-D
    Foxy Lay T* ABC 256(f)
  Kansas Dream* ICHO 370-D
    Sir Patrick MJT* ICHO 6-D
   Moonlight Sonata* ICHO 470-D
    Honey Comb A&M* ABC 493(f)
Golden Gaits Kokopelli*
    Zane's Big Mac MFTHBA 8578
   Sir Patrick MJT* ICHO 6-D
    Lad's Curly Queen* MFTHBA 12958
  Maker A Blondy* ABC 2876
    Hidden Hills Hero* ABC 525(f)
   Golden Lady* ABC 1125(f)
    Memorial's Ebony Girl ABC S-190
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