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Zane's Big Mac        MFTHBA 8578
Color: Grey
Sex: Stallion
Date of Birth: 1973
Gait: Fox Trot

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    Sterling Silver H TWHBEA 443740
   Sterling Merry Boy TWHBEA 581173
    Merry Snow Lady TWHBEA 500970
  Zane Grey MFTHBA 2815
    Golden Governor MFTHBA F-107
   Lady Anne E MFTHBA 2555
    Nancy Ann MFTHBA F-166
Zane's Big Mac
    Collier's Merry Boy TWHBEA 390778
   Walker's Merry Lad MFTHBA 282, AFTHBA F-105, TWHBEA 482752
    Beauty Sweetheart TWHBEA 431944
  Little Nell MFTHBA 4305
    Reese's Denmark Horse ASH
   McClellan's Nellie MFTHBA 2073
    Cricket MFTHBA 1087
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