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Sunshine Rewards

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GW Levi Cara Mia*      DE
Color: Sorrel
Sex: Mare
Date of Birth: 7.4.2009

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GW Levi Cara Mia*

Teoc's Painted Levi* ICHO 711-D

TEOC Painted T* ABC 941(f)

Peter Paint* ABC 226(f)

Nellie T* ABC 112(f)
Appy* unknown
Shirley Curly* ABC 579-1/2
Mist Sparante* ABC 298-1/2 Spartacus* ABC 237(f) Nakita* ABC 102(f)
Risha Rishan * ABC 27(f)
Dierdre* DE 304049181889 Accidental Exposure* DE 304049182379
Foolish Treasure* DE 304049182479
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